I have had a brush in my hand since I have memories. My early years were spent in the beautiful gardens and familiar neighbourhoods of Heredia, Costa Rica. My love of nature and its colourful creations began there and never stopped. I have since lived and travelled to many parts of the world, as an international student in British Columbia, an art student in San Francisco, an expat in Albania, and finally back to British Columbia. Wherever I go, I am continually inspired in my quest for capturing as much and as deeply as I can the forms of life surrounding me.

My art is a study of the details in plants and animals that are not immediately available. It takes time to appreciate the way that light reflect from the delicate plumes under a pelican’s wings, how aging leaves start to resemble crumbling stucco. I try to enter this secret world through my paintings and share my enthusiasm for its incredible variety with the people that come to look at my artwork.